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Energy Jobs

There are many interesting jobs to choose from if you know what you want as a profession. If you don’t know which career to choose then there is a possibility of being a failure in the job that you chose. So it is important that you know which path you should take if you wish to be successful in what you do. If you are looking for a good job, something that you are interested to do then a career as an energy engineer is something you should consider.  

Job description: 

An energy engineer is the person involved with the production of energy with the use of natural resources like extraction of oil and gas. It can also be with the use of renewable sustainable sources of energy like biofuels, wind, solar and hydro power. These engineers are focused on finding the right, clean and innovative ways to supply energy. An energy engineer has different roles like designing and testing machineries make ways of improving the existing processes, converting, supplying and transmitting these useful energies to meet our demands for electricity. It is also their job to generate new energy, improve the ways of using this energy and minimize the damages it can do to our environment. 


Income for this job can also be good however; it will depend on your area of specialty and study. An energy engineer earns about $44.15 per hour or about $92,000 per year. But as I have mentioned, factors like your expertise, experience and field of study can affect the amount you are earning. So make sure that you have the experience if you want to earn more from this profession. 


To work in this job, you have to fit the qualifications that your employers are looking for. You got to have the desire to work as an energy engineer and of course you have to be: 

-          Detail-oriented 

-          Persuasive 

-          Can communicate with other people well 

-          Must have good verbal and written skills 

-          Logical 

-          Can give presentations to management 

-          Knows how to write reports and document 

-          Flexible with time 

-          Can work under pressure 

-          Can work with other people 

-          Able to solve problems quickly 


In order to become an energy engineer, education is very much important. Most of the time, employers will want to hire someone who has a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering disciplines like mechanical or electrical engineering. Some employers however will require advanced engineering degrees while others will prefer someone who has an experience with business management. Experience is also important so make sure that you have the right set of skills, education and experience for this job.